Fall, 1999 Final Examination

Write three essays. Take about 40 minutes for each. The first should be on abortion, the second on affirmative action, and the third on school choice. Each essay should be organized around some relatively specific argument concerning the issue. This should ideally be an argument that was attractive to you before hearing the lectures and studying the reading. In each essay you should carefully present the central argument you are going to discuss, make clear its logical structure, explain how the lectures and readings bear on the argument, and explain how the lectures and readings led you to strengthen, correct, reject, or reinterpret the specific argument.

In grading these essays we will be considering both your knowledge of the lectures and readings and your skills at argumentation and conceptualization. No matter how knowledgeable, answers will not receive high grades if they are not well thought out and reasonably well organized. No matter how sharply organized, well-written, and well-conceived your essays may be, they will not receive high grades if they do not reflect awareness of relevant materials from the readings and lectures. (So be sure to pick an argument for each essay to which the readings and lectures are relevant.)