Philosophy 341
Spring, 2008

Moral Issues

Daniel M. Hausman



TA: Shahin Izadi
5170 Helen C. White Hall

Fall 2008 Syllabus

Some Discussion Questions

Kant, Roe v. Wade, Warren, Marquis, Thomson, Brody, Utilitarianism, Fieser, Rawls, Reiman, Mill, den Haag

Study Materials

Paper Check List
Ungraded quizzes

Midterm1, Fall 2002
Answers to Fall, 2000 Midterm Examination
Sample Introductory Paper, Fall 1999
Final Examination Study Guide,
2001 Final Examination with Answers


2008 Quiz Answers
Principles and Exceptions
Skill Sheets: Logic, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions (again) -- Answers

Practice Logic Quiz
Practice Logic Quiz Answers
Further Advice on Reconstructing Arguments

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